Smoke filled skies challenged my lungs and tarnished my mood much of the last weeks. Not since 1988 has the smoke been this thick and persistent.  The impromptu San Francisco trip was more than a treat; packed with good company, scrumptious food, art, ocean and redwoods – the trip fueled my mind, cleared my lungs and soothed my heart.  A gift.

I thought I would hit-the-ground-running upon my return but was slung a curve ball when a mysterious infection and a not-so-mysterious infection gripped my innards. Two rounds of various antibiotics and the release of a few kidney stones solved the mystery but wore me out. I worked each day but not physically hard. I started designing the new logs sculptures, began a new small bronze and chipped away at the piles of post-it notes on my desk. Finally after 2 weeks I was well enough to get out on my mountain bike with a girlfriend Sunday. The smoke has lessened in the last two days. The autumn colors are in full vivid crisp glory. The sun is low, the shadows long, and my mood improved.

My energy has returned. Early to rise, late to bed and a nap to punctuate the afternoons; I love autumn in Montana.