chicago and the international sculpture center conference

I am sparking on multiple levels since my return from Chicago where I attended the International Sculpture Center’s conference.  What a wonderful intense whirlwind dive into the art world!  The super-leaded city trip was packed FULL of art, good friends, art, new friends and art.  My mountain top life fuels me spiritually and inspirationally daily but my diet in life needs to be infused with doses of city life – also spiritual and inspirational but what a different flavor!

I savor the flavors.  From bear tracks to train platforms, mountain bike rides to museum jaunts, fireside chats with whisky to swanky posh lounges and fancy cocktails.  I am thankful for friends “outside” – peers like Sanford Biggers who push boundaries, explore and boldly pursue their passions across multiple medias.  The conference was a first for me but certainly not the last!  Chicago is a city bursting at the seams with art.

I boarded the plane early Sunday morning reeling from over-stimulation; beaming from the connections with old friends and the new friends made.  Later that afternoon I watched two young Bambi babies suckle beneath the window of my cozy cabin while snow slid off the roof in the late afternoon sun.  Satiated and wonderfully saturated by the vivid palette that fuels my life.