refreshing retreat

I LOVE my work.  Passion drives me.  Vision propels me.  Inspiration oozes inside, outside and all around.  I can hardly quit working.   But the thing is – stress from lack of moola and this insistent urge to survive without giving up my dream can frazzle me to tears.   “Tears” is an understatement for the moments of despair that wrack my bones and shake my core.  Darkness is part of the light.  Despair punches brutal the sparkle fluff creative joy. Last week Jeffery insisted I deserved a work-free day and mini road trip.  One decadent night at the lovely historic boutique hotel “The Chamberlin Inn” in Cody stretched into two nights – which truly gave me a full sunrise to sunset day off.  The final morning I wrote for a few hours in the pre-morning darkness for a looming magazine interview deadline but I found myself with tea and Bailey’s in the cozy library room next to an antique set of scales; which alone caused pause for reflection and the idea of balance.   The “room of one’s own” away from the studio office made me realize I need to write once again in my own home – away from my studio.  The early morning hours serve me well no matter how little sleep the night gifts me.

The goal-less relaxing mini-adventure fluffed-UP the scrunched down pillow of life.  Refreshed.  Pampered.