exhibit opening weekend - museum of the rockies

Blown away by the attendance to the “museum member’s only” pre-view party Friday night – what a whirlwind reception!  “Reception” is a diminutive word for just how well both artworks were “received” by the public.  People’s enthusiasm ran overboard.

They gushed.  I blushed.

Actually I just grinned while wearing my new soft lacy black Stetson dress (a gift) and accepted compliments as gracefully as possible.  Amped, relieved, excited, parched and hungry - we were “shooed” out of the museum shortly after the opening was officially over.  Thai food and red wine with mom and our new sparkly friend Lucy – what a treat!  Sleep was a welcome but short-lived respite after a sleep-deprived stressful installation week.  I woke wicked early and found myself working at the studio desk at 4 am.  Adrenalin left from the night before coupled with the neglected part of “desk life” kept me from much needed Z’s.  But I grabbed a morning nap before I zipped back over the pass to give a gallery talk at 11:30 am.  The gallery was packed with people on a Saturday morning.  The talk was unexpectedly emotional but fun-non-the-less.  Sharing stories and connecting with people fuels me.

The day was overcast and chilly but I was drawn to gather fresh air so I slipped out of my cowboy boots, pulled on hiking shoes and gloves and busted up the icy “M” trail near Bozeman.  I needed ”sky.”  Drinks (and a oven warm chocolate cookie) with dear sweet artist couple Troy and Coila before the evening lecture (once again wearing the boots and my Aunt Jeanette’s deep blue velvet hat).  Joe Godla, Chief Conservator of the Frick Museum gave a well-researched lecture, which included slides of both Troy’s and my work.  I plan to own a Troy Evans piece one day – checkout Blockhorse Designs.

We ate sushi and drank saki then joined Joe Godla (from the Frick) and Steven Jackson (curator of the Museum of the Rockies) for yet another round of late night libations and art talk before we slunk a bit bleary-eyed over the pass.  Troy and Coila followed in her new VW with their recently adopted dog Jacob to stay the night on the mountain.  Sunday morning we continued the art-talk-energy over a leisurely breakfast before they scooted home to Round Up, Montana.  Coila had a painting to finish and I had two sculptures to begin.

Poignant, humorous and thought-provoking stories within this little weekend recap beg to be told.   Along with that tool-sharpening-studio-cleaning leprechaun I could also really use a blog-writing leprechaun who knows my thoughts and can put into "Amber Words" my stories. Because LORDY I have stories.   But living a storied life leaves little time to blog.

I will do my best to share more.