slow dance

January was a month laid low. I slow-danced with the flu and insomnia. But they weren't my only dance partners. Short rounds of focused time in the studio added up as the carving stage of one log ended and another began. More focused time was spent in the studio office and at home - catching up, cleaning and clearing. I got to a few projects that were long neglected - wall flowers that had waited too long for their turn to slow dance. Simple sweet meditative hikes and a hot spring soak or two were the extent of the outdoor adventures - even Zaydee had some healing to do. Slow dancing, swaying to the music and listening to my body.

I am not complaining. Quite a bit of grace happened during the space and place created by simply slowing down. Things shifted. Patience with myself, my body and a world so much bigger than me came unexpectedly simply because the rhythm selected for the first month of 2012 was uncharacteristically mellow but refreshing.

Yet both Zaydee and I are ready for the music to pick up a notch. The ice has gotten FAT. Today I pack my gear, load up my dog, meet a friend to head out and UP!