museum moving day

Someday…ah…yes….someday…there will be a crew of professionals to move my sculptures.  I won’t have to give up a studio day to schlep sculptures.  Maybe I will enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or take a day off to climb ice while the crew moves my pieces safely for me.  No worries.  No fuss.  No “me” in the move.

Not yet. 

Yesterday went pretty well despite the overwhelming desire to pull the covers over my head and ignore the world – but that had more to do with an unplanned dip into despair (moods happen) than with the planned moving day.   I had good help.  Jeffery is unflappable, patient and comfortable moving the big stuff.  Troy is a dear friend; a talented creator of his own “big stuff” Troy is used to moving days.  The museum staff was ready to lend a hand and we “got er done.”

Well – almost….

The clock was safely returned to the owners.   The sculpture made it over the pass before things got too icy but it was dicey getting the trailer up the mountain.  Two four-wheel-drive trucks chained together got the sculpture nearly to the studio but the slick conditions and a lapse in communication between trucks created a post-dark rodeo with a jack-knifed trailer and tires spinning on ice beneath snow.  I threw a frozen berry pie into the oven to bake while we wrestled with equipment and elements in deep snow before giving up.  We ate pie and left the rodeo ‘til morning.

The sun is shining.  Icicles hang off sheets of snow that curl off my roof in front of the windows.  The CAT’s batteries are charging, the sculpture in my studio awaits more carving.  My dark mood has not totally lifted but an epic sledding run could lighten my mood and there is still some pie to eat after the snow rodeo sculpture wrangling.