a girls gotta breath (and avoid combustion)

I am a mess-maker.  Sawdust happens. But some days the dust hangs thick as a wool army blanket in the air.  Scary stuff.  I worry about little Zaydee who insists on being near my side while I work.  Combustion is a possibility.

The solution isn't as simple as the hood-systems on stationary tools in cabinet-making shops.  I move around too much during the sculpting process.  My heat would blow out with the sawdust with an exhaust fan.  An air-cleaning filter system would be good.  I imagine the solution would be a hybrid of systems.  But right now the new sculpture series is taking all of my financial resources (and then some).  I will either have to be successful enough as a moola-making artist to implement a system or successful enough as a public figure in the art world to have a sponsor put a system in.  While making moola is part of my plan (someday - somehow) I like the idea of a sponsor stepping in to figure out the puzzle.  How cool would that be?

Meanwhile.  I would say, "I grin and bear it" but actually I try to keep my mouth shut.  :)