sharp beauty

Gold leaf and barb wire... The barbwire is a hundred years old, pulled from the bottom of fences on local ranches when replaced with antelope-friendly wire along corridors where the graceful creatures migrate.  My dear friend Joe Joe was working on the antelope project and told me about the barbwire.  Much of what I have collected actually came from the ranch along the Yellowstone at Tom Minor Basin, which is managed by another dear friend Vern (I introduced the two).  The barbwire is beautiful, potent and perfect for the “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” series.  Multi-layered meanings, powerful energy plus connections through dear friends and special places are woven into this wire.

The gold leaf…well…I have recently become infatuated with the stuff!!  I love the soft subtle beauty of wood grain showing through the super thin metal leaf.  The gentle glow becomes more hardened and harsh in photos.  Trust me - photos don’t do the magical stuff justice.  But - can I just say…”mmmmm…..?!”

Finally – there is another delicate detail that remains elusive in most photos (this one included).  All three sculptures in this series have a slightly metallic surface to the carved wood background on the face.  Layers and layers of stain are coupled with a process I am perfecting to produce a slight unexpected sheen to the surface.  One sculpture’s background looks like pewter, another is copper and this sculpture has a golden hue – less yellow than the photo and more richly enticing.

New ventures with mediums – so many possibilities…