jesus rays

Zaydee Big Creek Autumn light greets me with the welcome familiarity of a dear old friend.  My awareness of how little time we have together enhances our bond.  I revel in the attention of the warmth on my shoulders, sun caressing hilltops and peaks lit theatrically in the distance.  My urge is to cling, hug, stare and simply ooze love on this dear precious friend of mine.

Beautiful Sunday ride along the Yellowstone River through Paradise ValleyOur time romping together was intensely short this year. Momma Nature has been switching her tunes like a DJ at a school dance with a preference for harsh cold music punctuated with wind, snow and rain. October began with a dump of a foot and a half of snow at my place but instead of the usual early snowstorm followed by an “Indian Summer” – we got more snow, rain and snow.  Not until the final week of the month did Momma Nature play more languid warm-fuzzy slow songs.  The glory of autumn’s rich golden yellow and red tapestry was at last unrolled beneath the snow-topped peaks- time to shed some clothes and dance in the autumn light! 

I worked for hours before the sun came up each day and into the afternoon before grabbing a bike or running shoes but always my dog and heading out to grin and spin on the plush vibrant rug.  I soaked up the sideways sunrays and caught an occasional misplaced sliver of moon in the middle of the afternoon hangdogging above my head.

Dork moment but gleeful just outside the caverns at Lewis and Clark

Mostly I mountain biked so that all the lush aroma and crisp raw beauty could be experienced up close and personal.  We actually mountain biked up Lewis and Clark the first weekend of November (possibly the first time I have mountain biked in Montana that late in the season).  Three days of 10 degree weather and snow blowing sideways happened between the last two rides – the DJ zealously mixing up the music.  Yesterday I realized the gift revealed after the super short prime autumn weather is that it forced me to take a FULL day off each of the last two weekends.  Something I forget to do and realize (once again) the importance of a WHOLE day – outside of my studio and my office.  Reinvigorated – I return to the studio and swear I can feel the Jesus rays inside.