autumn in the air

Yesterday evening Zaydee and I ran up a trail through the woods along Suce Creek.  The trail felt almost damp and cool – certainly a subtle change from dry summer dusty trails.  I watched a singular large yellow leaf fall quickly to the ground.  Nothing poetic or romantic about the swift no-frills fall – no spinning or floating – just a quick silent exit from the tree to the ground marked the change of seasons.  The leaf fall left a pang and a bit of panic in my chest; I am not ready for summer to be over.  But this morning rose deliciously crisp and cool.  The sky hung low.  Something about the change of seasons clicks a renewed sense of purpose in my soul.  “Pay attention” Momma Nature whispered in the charged air. I left my cabin in striped flannel pants, herded by sky as if tucked beneath the soft protective wing of a mother bird and pushed toward my studio nest.  Even my morning cup of tea brimmed with purpose (and tasted better) as the smell of autumn lingered.  Time to get to work!