bee three

First bee bombed.  The wee bee was just too clunky.  Bee #2 seemed more wasp-like than bee-like.  The folks at Boyer Bronze found a dead bee and kindly saved it for me.  But when I used the real bee as a reference for Bee #3 – the shape still wasn’t quite right for the project.  So the head of Bee #3 ended up on Bee #2.  I adjusted the body and….viola!! Finally a bee I can live with. The critter will be legless, wingless, and antennae-less until the next stage of casting.  I put the wax bee in a cup and bounced it down the mountain with the bronze dog to the foundry.  The bee is part of the bronze dog commission (it will perch on the dog's nose.) Then I went “shopping” for wood - which means I wove between stacks of logs, beams and boards at Matt Ridgeway’s sawmill yard until an Ash log presented itself as a good possibility to experiment with.  Matt will saw it up for me tomorrow - just another step in the “toe-kicking” and “brain-picking” stage of launching a new series of small-ish sculptures. Can't wait!