Back in the last....!

Exploring HATCH literally... My intention to complete the promised sculpture for HATCH last year was thwarted by my own healing process. The Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome crumpled my world and lasted longer than I imagined. I have covered a lot of ground spiritually, mentally and physically during my journey. Interestingly, I believe it was the time spent climbing ice this season that has contributed the most to my healing process. I’ve learned sooooo much about traditional/medical ways to deal with PTSD vrs a deeply rooted personal spiritual approach. For instance, studies have shown that Native Americans suffering from post-war PTSD respond better to tribal healing methods such as sweat lodges and ceremony than traditional therapy.

My own experience follows along the less-traditional healing methods and confirms my desire to create healing art using trees. I am grateful for my intense yet enlightening journey.

I am also grateful for my commitment to creating the HATCH sculpture which I have begun as my first project after a 6-month unplanned sabbatical from my studio.  The palm-size sculpture as it has morphed quite a bit from my original vision.