sweet simple encouragement

Shimmering fragility dancing in the warm strong embrace of a tree Today I found this message from a fan whom I've never met:

"Glad to see you back in the studio. And recovering"

My reply:


Followed by his response:

"I live in southwest. Ms and have loved your work for years. Pls keep creating"

Very early one morning a few days ago I was awake in a hotel room in Montana's largest "city."  Shades drawn.  Fiancé sleeping.  A flock of birds began singing right outside our window.  No trees.  Dead winter.  Just an early morning bird party full of song.  I smiled at the gift; an unexpected love-note from Momma Nature.

Much like the bird party - notes of encouragement from fans fill me with warm fuzzies and a sense of connection in a profoundly solitary profession.   Simple chirpy thoughts offer lightness for my heart and a spring to my step along a road that is often dark, challenging and long...