beauty below zero

Woke this morning at 4 am, which is “normal” for me when “normal” allows for a night of sleep.  I felt refreshed for the first time in over a month.  Phew!  Insomnia has preyed upon my sleep world since I was a child.  Sometimes a pounding wave of insomnia crashes my nights for weeks at a time.  The recent tidal wave lasted more than a month.  One to two hours a night totaled about 7-8 hours of sleep every 4-5 days.  Kind of whooped my butt.

But after four nights in a row of at least five hours of sleep I feel like a brand new extra alive being!  Yesterday the woodchips piled up as I began to carve the newest sculpture.  I experience almost silly good satisfaction each time I scrunch up a “post-it” note from my desktop - a “to do” that is DONE.

So many grand things are stirring in this bright New Year.  I am Snoopy Dancing…!