featured in Rural Montana Magazine

The people behind my electrical power send out a monthly complimentary magazine that connects 120,000 homes throughout Montana in the same good-natured way the local winter fair brings people together. The publication publishes recipes and photos from readers, spins a yarn or two about real rural folk and educates us on power resources and usage. I have enjoyed the publication all the years I have had power (yes there were a few years in the beginning of my life on the mountain where I was power-less). A few years after a wonderful stroke of fate landed me on this mountaintop, I used my credit card to bring power on up here to the end of the road and have enjoyed the publication (and power) ever since!

So I was honored in a sweet humble way when a writer for the magazine contacted me out of the blue for an interview. He had decided to launch a year-long series on Montana artists and and began the series by featuring me in the January issue.

Ryan arrived with a big camera and a yellow-lined legal pad.  He was kind, asked good questions and mentioned that his wife was expecting their first child. Since our interview Ryan has become a father and I have had the bandwidth on my website increased due to a huge influx of traffic.

Who would have thought this little publication to 60,000 rural Montana homes would pack so much punch? The fan mail has been over-the-top sweet...just like the cinnamon rolls my mother would win the local winter fair with.

Fix a cup of tea, grab something sweet to eat and follow this link to read the article.