Fur Ball Fundraiser

The Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston is special.  The facilities are top notch.  The love and care of the community and staff is above and beyond the norm.  Every year they host the Fur Ball as a fundraiser at  Chico Hot Springs (Friday, May 21st).  “No boring sit down dinner, no long speeches! Exclusive  raffle tickets can be purchased before or at the event: only 100 $50 tickets will be sold and the winner chooses any auction item.”_DSC1418a
I will be in “Chocolate City USA”  that week working magic with chocolate but I always donate art.  Kris King selected two of my personal favorites for the auction. 


“Austin” (the dog) and Dr Pepper (the cat) will be framed and “show-ready” for the event.
“At the Stafford Animal Shelter we house the homeless, feed the hungry, and on the side we run a matchmaking service.”