Moon shadows, delicate frost, pink sunrise

Phew!  I feel better.  I wish I had photos of rock climbing or mountain biking to share but I spent the glorious sunny spring weekend at home with the flu.  I’ve a “nap crack” in the corner of my mouth from sleeping (and drooling?)  egads!

Vivid dreams:  Beautiful glass art sculptures, a scary tippy moving toilet, a late night dinner date without any of my own clothes to wear.  I love seeing art in my dreams!  Art dreams are like a day at the spa for my mind -invigorating, relaxing, empowering, pampering, and revealing. 

I wake refreshed and eager.  The artworks have not been mine but they have been a beautiful inspiring blend of various materials – always 3-dimensional.

The sky is blue, the sun is shining - the morning beckons with a list of tasks: must finalize my contract with Nestle, package and ship art (sold 10 Works on Paper last week!), purchase airline tickets for the chocolate sculpture project, talk to my web guys, touch bases with the contractor for a commission project in Texas, drop a bronze off at the Museum of the Rockies...but first…another cup of tea.