chosen to speak at TEDx Bozeman!!

Honored.  Delighted by the challenge.  Kinda scared – like the feeling I get when I look up at a frozen waterfall before I get my feet off the ground… Overwhelmed by the opportunity and inspired by the topic of the conference for which I was chosen to share my ideas - I am psyched and happy to participate.

I discovered TED many years ago but recently found out it has existed for 25 years.  Built on the concept of “Ideas Worth Spreading” the TED website states, “Riveting Talks By Remarkable People.” I wanted to be a TED speaker after I viewed my 1st TED talk online years ago.  I researched just what TED was, got even more inspired and simply put "Be invited to speak at TED" on my “bucket list” along with items like "visit Moracco" "own a Rocky Hawkins painting" "Restore grandpa's old pick up."

Now TED has satellite conferences hosted in cities around the world – that is where the “x” comes in.  TEDx has stringent guidelines to keep the quality of TED.  Earlier this year Bozeman got its “pilot” trial.  Tickets sold out in six days.  Two places were set up to watch the conference live-stream so I put down my chisels for a day and went to the Bozeman Public Library.  I could have watched live stream from my studio office but I wanted to be closer to the TED energy.  The conference was exceptional!  Bozeman was accepted to continue with a yearly TEDx – which brings us to their conference next year for which I have been selected to speak!

“The World needs dreamers & the world needs doers but above all, the world needs dreamers that do” - Sarah Ban Breathnach

What a grand topic for the TEDx 2013 conference! I have butterflies of excitement when I think about it – and yes – I think about it a LOT!  I am a dreamer.  I am a doer.  I am a dreamer who does and a dreamer who will do my best to create the best talk I have ever given.  I want to spark inspiration, touch hearts and stir souls.

Just click on TED to find out more.  Join TEDx Bozeman if you want to be informed about the Bozeman event.  The event will be streamed.