clay critters

I thought perhaps I would “whip out a bunny” in clay to cast in bronze so that many of my “peeps” would have the option of an affordable sculpture and I would have some welcome income while working on the BIG new wood sculpture series.  Alas – “whip it out” was my typical optimistic warped reality.  The little critter and I struggled into being.  For the longest time the little thing looked sadly like a chemo patient (no ears).  Even my mom came up with that remark when I showed her snapshots taken on my phone.  I was too embarrassed to post the bunny on my blog.  I added ears but it still looked creepy weird.  The sculpture made a debut at the studio party earlier in the month looking more like a long-eared guinea pig or chipmunk or hybrid creature of the most unfortunate kind.  Once again I was embarrassed.  I borrowed a girlfriend’s bunny for a week of modeling.  Daisy is the BIGGEST bunny I have ever seen – bigger than many dogs.  Her size was intimidating but she turned out to be a cuddly sweetheart.  Daisy munched carrots, pomegranate seeds and cherry tomatoes content to sit for hours in a chair while I tried to find the “bunny-ness” in an overworked lump of clay.


Impatient to begin carving on the next log in the NEW series – I finally moved the clay project to my dining room table at home.  I let the rabbit sculpture sit on a side table so that I could simply live with it a bit then began a new less complicated wee bunny.  Each morning during the past week, I spent a few hours before the sunrise drinking tea and getting clay under my fingernails while pushing, pulling, adding and subtracting.  Many late afternoons and evenings found me plopped at my table working away at the clay. Clay has endless options – especially when it is made so that it won’t dry out.  Wood is less forgiving.  I clay bunnies have taken a zillion hours.

I will post finished photos of both little buggers SOON!