dancing in orion

Early morning sun filled the studio with soft spring light.  I sat for a moment to look at the sculpture  just completed.  Bright light softness filled my insides, my heart overflowed and my eyes sprang tears.  Relief?  Satisfaction? Happiness.


Simply commissioned to create a “Reliquary” sculpture from the 2000 pound mesquite log, I promised my client a horse motif but was given total freedom to create.   Sculptures become pages torn from my journal; sprung from my head and heart, composed like a poem layered with meaning and woven with life.

I put the final touches on “Dancing in Orion” six months after the first cut in wood.  The three bright stars of Orion’s belt float in the niche.   Each hand carved turquoise blue stained star is inscribed with a name; Jake, Ali and Sami.  Bright lights, beautiful souls and bold blossoming beings – those three special people blaze my sky and punctuate my world - always and in all ways.

I climbed onto their zip line landing platform in a tree behind the studio with a cup of tea and a piece of blueberry peach pie.  Gifted with grace and a moment of peace, I soaked in the sun; marveled at the memories.  Excitement fluttered like a vibrant butterfly, skin tingled with the promise of adventure - inside and outside the studio.