golden green day


Springtime in the Rockies pumps up Momma Nature’s “switchy mood.”  She puts on and discards outfits in a fast frenzy like a gal getting ready for a date; fun and frilly (snow), grunge (mud), hail (heels), blue sky (blue jeans), rain (sleek and slithery) or even the flannel-pajamas-grey-day kind of rain.  Rarely does Momma Nature settle on something for a full 24 hours.  She keeps us guessing.  The only thing somewhat consistent is her frenzy.  The wind has been pretty relentless and definitely a hindrance in my plans to join my buddy Chris for a flight in his helicopter.  Chris said the wind allowed him only one flight in the last 6 weeks (just to see if he still knew how).  So when Momma Nature decided to take a sunny morning nap from the frenzy, Chris whipped me right up into the calm blue sky in the magic bubble of a helicopter.  SUPER!!!

Birds-eye view is ALL it is cracked up to be - oodles better than a plane.  We could hover just high enough to turn the folks and trucks below into a miniature toy world surrounded by mountains.  AH -  the mountains!!!  We circled around Gallatin Valley then zipped across the pass into Paradise Valley so that I could gander at my place.  Lordy my studio is BIG!!  The zip line added to the toy-land look of my place.  Chris handled his copter well – smooth – but not smooth enough for my touchy inner ears.  I can get sick on a swing set.  Thus while the golden pre-spring world below barely hinted at the lush green it will become; I got greener and greener and greener.

Luckily I did not have to pull the pre-packed puke bag out of my pocket.  I did however have to sit on the ground within a minute of landing and close my eyes to the movement of the rotors.  Next time I will pre-medicate even though Dramamine makes me spacey.  I want to dodge around the peaks and scoot among narrow canyons.  Chris is a gem.  The copter is a joy.