twist of fate

“Here you are climbing all over God's creation and you fall down your own stairs,” my friend Kat wrote to me this morning.


Certainly there are a gazillion ways climbing, hiking, biking, dancing and creating big sculptures using ladders and stuff that I could bugger myself up but I simply rolled my ankle while walking down the stairs after cramming in six office hours late Sunday night.  I couldn’t yelp, swear or scream – knocked me breathless with pain.  Frustrating.  Just a fraction of a second and BLAM!!!  Birds are twittering around my head and a tight-lipped sheepish and pissed-off grin is carved into my face.


Speaking of poop – Jake, Ali and I enjoyed a poop spotting spree Saturday afternoon while hiking “my” mountain.  We spotted elk, moose, rabbit, marmot, bear and deer poop but Jake doesn't think we should count the deer poop 'cuz it is too common – the debate is unsettled on whether bunny poop counts.  We spent most of our time creating in my studio.  Jake set his alarm for 6:20 a.m. as I tucked them in with cuddles into the cozy beds at the studio nap room for the night.  He wanted to get an extra early start in the studio Sunday morning.  Precious!

Life is full of unexpected twists.  I have worked for months on this 2000 pound log, envisioned the carved horse a deep rich black color but realized when I applied a clear coat of conditioner on the wood before staining the horse; black would be a mistake.  I thought I knew two things before I began applying color to the sculpture – the color of the horse and the color of the niche but I was wrong.

Thankfully I was paying attention and accidently discovered the right color before mixing up a dark stain.  I can’t imagine what bit of goodness the accident on the stairs brought me but perhaps I am meant to spend the weekend in the studio instead of the rock climbing trip I planned.  Twists, turns and an interesting variety of poop contribute to the life I lead.