FB calls it a "life event" - I call it "life changing"

Audrey Hall captured this photo just moments after I nodded "yes" (since I was too overwhelmed to actually say "yes")

Who would have known?

The temps were above 100 degrees in Texas.  A large commissioned sculpture had just been delivered and I flew to that great state to make sure “all was well” with the delivery.  Jeffery was five hours from his Texan home with a batch of buddies to compete with 52 other BBQ teams from all over Texas.  A combination of his charm, his cooking, the Salty Dog toddies and a Cinco De Mayo FULL moon made it impossible not to kiss him beneath a big o’l mesquite tree while the whippoorwills were “whippoorwill’n” and an electrical storm burst upon the sky like fireworks.

I fell into one playful magical night of kissing in the moonlight.  I had no idea it would lead to this –

I’m engaged…!