spitting bugs and grinning in the gumbo

Contemplating the view and discussing life while Momma Nature waters the wildflowers. Saturday morning the sun beamed brightness into my studio and the latest sculpture just begged for attention (and another layer of stain).  I almost canceled the plans I had made to mountain bike with a friend.  BUT – outdoor adventures fuel my soul, push my boundaries and tickle my lust for life just as creating in the studio does.

The ride was GRAND.

Not only was it a wonderful super-buff bit of mountain single track through the last bold wildflowers clinging to their color as the grass begins to dry; but it was also a coveted opportunity to catch up with a good friend.  We shared fresh Flathead cherries while hunkered beneath a tree to wait out a storm.  The dusty trail turned to gumbo but nothing could keep me from the thrill of feeling blessed.  I spit two bugs out of my mouth simply because I couldn't quit grinning on the pre-storm zippy downhill.

Porcupine 3

Life is good when WORK is just as compelling as PLAY.

Muck adds a challenge (notice the steep drop off next to the trail).