jake's reliquary

“I’m going to make a series!” Jake announced shortly after he finished creating this fabulous reliquary sculpture. He found the log months ago while helping us clean up from the studio building project. Jake began the process of burning the piece after he acquired my permission to use the torch. Just last Saturday Jake and I spent a dedicated morning together in the studio working on his sculpture. The rattlesnake tail came from a very unlucky reptile that ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time last summer. Jake and I dug around Cliff’s freezer to find the tail (along with the whole snake skin) where Cliff had been saving it for Jake (and for this project specifically). Jake is still trying to decide what to name his sculpture but “flames” and “rattle” are two words that keep getting tossed around. He is plotting his series telling me about other objects which carry special meaning for him.  Jake just turned 11 last week.

I don’t know who is more proud – Jake or me…?