Projects abound.  Duties never cease.  Inspiration overflows.  Momma Nature beckons.  I simply need more time each day!

Just when and where do I fit in good “blog  time" to share with you?!!  I have begun work on a brand new small sculpture series.  Challenging good stuff (well …we have yet to see if the “stuff” is actually any good but I can tell you that it feels good to finally be settled into my space; hunkered down making marks on wood and flinging sawdust into the air.


“Sojourn” the bronze bison bench visited my new studio last week.  The sculpture spent a portion of the year at the Bozeman Jet Center.  I brought him home to clean and polish.  Plenty of wax and a good buff’n have the life size buffalo looking sharp and ready to participate in the Livingston outdoor sculpture project.  He will “keep court” in front of the local post office once I have the bolts welded to steel mounting plates.  Quite a few years have passed since the long days spent carving this bugger in Black Walnut.  Lordy I put a “hurt down upon my body" during that creative carving marathon which included a five gallon bucket of ice to plunge my hands and forearms into so that I could continue carving night and day.  The original carving is in a private collection in New Mexico.  The limited edition bronzes have found homes in one museum and a few private collections from Arizona to Ohio.  The "buffed-a-lo" will soon be installed in front of the Post Office but he is still up for adoption!!!