zaydee, me and paddleboard make three!

Synchronicity and a bit of manifesting teamed up to give me the opportunity to try the latest outdoor adventure toy – Stand Up Paddleboarding. 

Fun Stuff!!! 

An impromptu Labor Day plan to float the river in a raft with friends led to more of an adventure when we bumped into a friend who was getting off the river right when we were getting on – she was kind enough to let me try her board.  I hopped on and headed downriver but Zaydee wasn’t too psyched to be left on the raft - relegated to simply watching.  She insisted on joining me on the board.  We managed pretty well together though I admit it was more challenging whenever she decided to leap for a flying bug.  We only fell once while floating for a few hours– but that fall was a warning slice of the seriousness of the sport and the power of the river.  We had managed plenty of 2 foot waves but this little bend in the river was a sneak channel behind an island with some large trees blocking the flow.  We got sucked under near a bank.  Zaydee simply could not surface on her own so I had to pull her up with my feet and finally a good grip on her collar.  I would definitely get her a doggie life jacket next time!!  A few photos just arrived from Stacey Herries so I thought I would share a peek at our fine floating day.