The yoga pose-of-the-month during my 6am class is “Tree Pose.” The pose involves balance on one leg. I’m not sure why a one legged pose would be “tree-ish” but I’ve always thought perhaps the the idea is to root through the standing foot while allowing movement in your “branches.” Balance with my right leg is more challenging for me since the dog pack attack. Certainly frustration isn’t suppose to be a factor (it is yoga after all) so I try to morph frustration into curiosity, love, and humor as I tip and teeter on my right leg.

But it’s been 3 years..!

Today I thought of my tree reliquary sculptures and how much strength comes from the hinges. The trees are split open - exposed and vulnerable yet much less likely to fall once opened and hinged. The trees I use have been killed in forest fires. Not a single tree is without cracks and scars from the life it led before its death. Each one of us has cracks and scars. What kind of helpful hinges do you use in life?


Getting back into the studio

Wood chips and sawdust - feels great to be back in the studio...! I pine for my studio/creative life when I am away from it too long.  I even get grumpy like someone who has skipped too many meals or given up chocolate. But I do not actually bounce back into the studio like a dog with my tail wagging. The process is more akin to that of a mother hen who is inclined to rest up, clean house, get things in order and zip playfully about the barnyard (or adventure beyond) before settling down to the mental task of preparing to lay eggs and the commitment of sitting on them.

So I hiked. I mountain biked. I raged war on the mice that took over my cabin during my absence and I super-deep-cleaned the horrific messes the mice made while partying all over my home. I napped. Eventually I sifted through piles of mail, unloaded the sculptures, cleaned the studio, took care of my mother and caught up with my closest friends. I read a book (or two).   I ate more junk food than usual and drank more whiskey than normal.

I climbed a mountain.  The very next day I found myself back in the studio making piles of woodchips and sawdust.  Feels sooooooo good to be back at it!!!

Better than chocolate…